This is the free version of our feature length documentary about space games. Whether you want to take a cautious look inside or legally enjoy a free movie - we wish you lots of fun and entertainment! You can also purchase the film, which gives you the abillity to not only stream it, but also download and enjoy it without a watermark and watch it in a better quality than on YouTube. (free) on YouTube (free) - English on YouTube

The film does not deviate in content from the retail version. A watermark in the film and two text panels at the beginning and end point to our starbase. Watch the film here: (free) on YouTube (free) - English on YouTube

If you like it and would like to show us, invite us to a drink in the cantina and give us an extra boost to upcoming projects!


Data sheet

76 minutes
Resolution (letterboxed)
1920 x 1080

Here, a three-headed monkey!

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