Who we are

We are professional filmmakers – and nerds, fans and geeks. With “games.film”, we combine our work as filmmakers with a hobby, which we are very passionate about: computer games.


Dominic Grünberg

Dominic Grünberg Pixel

Profession: Director of photography, cutter, daddy

Plattforms: PC, ages ago pen & paper also

Favorite games: Mass Effect series (and yes, even part 3!)

Classics: Privateer, System Shock 2

Other interests: All Blacks, Die Hard (1 - 3), Lego Technic

Webseite: dominic-gruenberg.com

I love games, even if I hardly get to play them since the birth of my son. But soon I will take him under my gamer wings and introduce him to the hobby that has been accompanying me all my life. At first very gently with the two Nintendo mini consoles (although some of the games on them are pretty difficult) and gradually to the PC, until I have a worthy accomplice!

The fact that I made my other hobby my profession and then have the ability to combine both hobbies is of course incredibly fulfilling. I think that the passion for both as my respectively as our handwriting is being reflected in our projects.


Patrick Jäschke

Patrick Jäschke Pixel

Profession: Director, writer

Plattforms: Console, PC, board games

Favorite games: Point-and-click fanboy and open world enthusiast

Classics: The Secret of Monkey Island & LeChuck´s Revenge

Other interests: MCU, Lego, Disney

I like gaming. And I like writing. I just don't like to write about myself.