This is the original film, as it has existed since its premiere at Gamescom 2018. Experience a cinematic journey into digital space with a look behind the scenes and the eventful history of a special genre.

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Download the PDF file after your order. In it you will find links for streaming and downloading the film. There is also access to a version without the black bars, which is especially intended for owners of ultrawide monitors. Additionally included are short texts with further background information. And as an extra bonus, add-on videos that we still want to realize with your support will be available for you via PDF update.

Film language is mostly in German (with English subtitles available for those parts) and some parts in English. Additionally there is a bilingual subtitle track (Esperanto) with English and German together alternating for when the opposing language is being spoken.

There is another version with complete English voiceovers. Because they’re AI using Amazon’s Polly, they’re far from perfect. Also I had to manipulate them a little since there were only three usable voices for the five German speaking main protagonists. Please keep that in mind.

If you want to take a peek at the film first, then do so here.


Data sheet

76 minutes
Resolution (letterboxed)
1920 x 1080
Resolution (without letterbox)
1920 x 818
1,1 GByte
Container: mkv - Video: h.264 - Audio: AAC
Video: 2.000 kbps - Audio: 160 kbps
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Here, a three-headed monkey!

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